Cruise Ship Repair and Refurbishment

The West Coast's trusted resource for ship repair

Vigor’s Portland, Oregon shipyard features the largest floating drydock in North America and teams with more than two decades of experience in the intricacies of cruise ship repair and refurbishment. Key yard features include:

  • The Vigorous drydock, 290m in length and a roomy 57m wide for optimal efficiency on hull and fin stabilizer maintenance. 81,000 MT lift capacity.
  • Shore power up to 9,600 amps at 480 volts, 11 kV or 6 kV to Port or Starboard
  • 12 whirley cranes with tandem lift capacity up to 200 MT (220 LT)
  • 60-acre facility with ample laydown area, warehousing capacity and logistics control
  • Access to Vigor's highly mobile 2,300 employee workforce including certified welders for large aluminum and steel fabrication
  • 33,400m2 of covered fab and shop area.

Vigor’s Seattle, Washington shipyard provides an added resource for boutique and mid-sized cruise ships. Cruise ship repair teams regularly move between the Portland and Seattle sites to accommodate the needs of customers and ensure on-time delivery. The Seattle drydock measures 195m wide with a clear width of 35.3m and a 22,300 MT lift capacity.