Complex Fab Capabilities & Machining Capabilities

We hold certifications at the highest levels of the industries we serve.

Vigor’s Complex Fabrication teams have their roots in the exceptional reputation forged by Oregon Iron Works. Founded in 1944, Oregon Iron Works quickly became a pioneering force in the fabrication and manufacturing industries. In 2014, it merged with Vigor bringing with it a track record of success as a structural fabricator and a dedicated workforce committed to building on its rich history on innovation.

Vigor, a Titan company, continues to invest considerable resources in people, facilities, technology and safety programs to provide our customers with the ability to fabricate the most complex projects to the tightest tolerances and apply unique solutions across a variety of manufacturing and engineering disciplines.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
AS9100 Rev. D Certified
ASME-NQA-1/10CFR50 Appendix B
ASME-Section III
ASME Certificates
ASME NS (Fabrication with design for supports)
ASME U (Manufacture of pressure vessels)
AISC Certificates (Clackamas, Portland, Vancouver Building 33, Vancouver Building 48)
Certified Building Fabricator (BU)
Certified Bridge Fabricator – Simple (SBR), Intermediate (IBR) and Advanced (ABR)
Certified Hydraulic Steel Structure Fabricator (HYD)
Fracture Critical Endorsement (FCE)
Hydraulic Fabricator – Advanced (HYDA)
Sophisticated Painting Endorsement (SPE-P1)
National Board Certificates
NB (Mark and Register Pressure Vessels)
R (Metallic Repairs and Alterations)
City of Los Angeles HSS/USS Certificate of Approval
Certified Fabricator
(High Strength Steel and Unlisted Structural Steels)

Our teams work in steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium and exotic materials. In-house CNC capabilities include cutting, burning, shearing, milling, machining, turning, forming, rolling, painting and sophisticated inspection. Our integrated machine shop houses one of the largest custom CNC floor mills on the West Coast.

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