Vancouver Aluminum Fabrication Facility

Located by the Columbia River this secure 7-acre facility is a center of excellence in aluminum marine fabrication for commercial and government customers.

Our teams build high quality, high performance aluminum boats for maritime security and defense, public transportation, oil spill response and a wide array of commercial applications. The size and configuration of the facility allows us to meet various industrial security requirements within the secure perimeter of the property and buildings.

Facility Specifications

Key Facility Features

  • 7 acre secure facility
  • 80,000 square feet of high bay fabrication (up to 58 ft)
  • 53,000 square feet general fabrication space
  • Fenced and private launch/marina
  • Climate controlled spaces for welding and painting


  • Vessels up to 165 ft in length
  • Bridge crane capacity to 25T
  • All aluminum construction
  • Self-propelled mobile trailers (SPMT) for vessel movement and launch