Vigor, a Titan Company, has more than three decades of experience providing complex structures and components to the aerospace industry. We are AS9100 Rev. D certified and a trusted partner to a diverse group of aerospace industry leaders. From prototype development through production, we have been the primary integrated fabrication supplier for the Ground Based Mid-Course Defense Program (GMD) and are currently supporting the Boeing Company in the GMD development and sustainment contract.

Our aerospace teams implement a systems approach to advanced manufacturing. Early in development, we utilize solid modeling technology to identify outfitting and design interferences before production phases begin and conduct shop testing for the function and performance of our hardware prior to shipment and installation on site. All fabricated hardware, controls, and actuation systems are assembled complete into shop fixtures that simulate field conditions and are pre-tuned as a system for optimum turnkey performance and reduced installation costs in the field.

Our capabilities include the ability to fabricate to the tightest tolerances with:

  • Precision fixturing on structures over 100 feet in length
  • Weld distortion mitigation
  • Precision machining
  • Laser measurement
  • Integration of mechanical and electrical systems

We fabricate for both defense and commercial applications. Our work includes test fixtures for airplanes, launch platforms and complexes, hydraulic cranes, precision fixtures, ground support systems and other projects requiring AS9100 Rev. D certification.

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