Industrial Services: Coatings

Vigor's Industrial Services Coatings group is a leader in the removal, preparation, and installation of all types of marine and industrial coating systems. We offer extensive shop facilities ideal for large structure blasting and coating as well as service teams that travel wherever they are needed. Our focus is on quality workmanship, safety and optimized productivity. As a subsidiary of Vigor, a leader in shipbuilding, ship repair and heavy, high-complexity fabrication, VIS has the resources and production capacity to get your project completed on time and on budget.

Large Structure Blasting and Coatings
Exterior and Interior Decks
Bilge Preservation
Tanks and Voids
Thermal Spray / Metallizing

14 Wheel – 12’ Vertical Blast Machine (Largest on the West Coast)
4 Wheel – 6' x 2' Horizontal Blast Machine
Shot Blast Booth with Reclaim System (30' x 60' x 20')
Blast and Paint Booth with Reclaim System (30' x 140' x 25')
6,000 sq ft Blast Bay
31,000 sq ft Paint Bays

SSPC QP1 and QP3 certification
AISC Sophisticated Paint Endorsement (SPE) Certificate
Complex Coating Endorsement Certificate
Expertise with all types of systems
Experienced managers who plan in advance
State-of-the-art containment systems
The utmost focus on safety
Quality products

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