Pile Jackets Fabrication

TMEP Partnership subcontracted with Vigor to fabricate 14 pile jackets for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP). The Pile Jackets will be used for the safe mooring of Aframax-size oil tankers at the Westridge Terminal Marine Facilities expansion near Vancouver, British Columbia. Each pile jacket weighs approximately 300 tons, is roughly 40 ft. (W) x 40 ft. (L) x 45 ft. (H), and consists of complex AWS D1.1 compliant T-K-Y weld connections using large diameter heavy wall API pipe. Vigor was able to complete these large complex pipe weldments, while maintaining rigid geometry controls, by utilizing two innovative processes: our robotics program to burn & prepare precision weld joints, and our metrology division utilizing portable coordinate measuring machines to monitor and adjust weldment geometry throughout the fabrication and assembly process.

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