Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway

Vigor manufactured six Tainter gates six roller bulkheads for Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway. The Tainter gates are actually valves as they seal on all four sides. This is a very robust design able to withstand the higher head pressure under which they are required to operate. The roller bulkheads were built to allow them to operate under full load conditions, each of the six bulkheads were manufactured in one piece and shipped to the job site on special transport trailers. The sections of the Tainter gates and the roller bulkheads were each fabricated and machined in a two-step process utilizing our large CNC milling machines and our robotic gantry welding system. These pieces of equipment have allowed us to manufacture all components to the precise tolerances required by this project.

The guide systems for the gates were machined to meet the exacting tolerances required by the design. Vigor’s specialized machining process for all running surfaces and all joints ensures precision stack-up of the guides and the running surfaces and ensures the gates seal in both directions.

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