Vigor Delivers East Span for New Jersey Transportation’s Portal Bridge Project

The project will provide a critical upgrade to a major commuter transportation corridor

February 23, 2024

Vigor, a Titan Company, has successfully delivered the east span for the ongoing replacement of the New Jersey Transit System’s Portal Bridge. The bridge is scheduled to be finished in 2027 and will have a total of three spans when it is complete. The project will replace the previous Portal Bridge and will carry Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT trains over the Hackensack River as they travel the crucial transportation corridor between Newark, NJ and New York, NY.

Portal bridge and project team by Vigor

“As one of our nation’s premiere bridge builders, Vigor is proud to contribute to our country’s transportation infrastructure, and this project will deliver value to hundreds of thousands of commuters on a monthly basis,” said Katherine Brown, Program Director. “This was a challenging project and I am proud our team stepped up to deliver for the many people who rely on this critical transportation corridor.”

Unlike the previous Portal Bridge, which was built in 1910, the new three-span bridge will be elevated over 50 feet above the river—a feature that will allow maritime traffic to pass under the bridge without delays. The replacement bridge will eliminate a key bottleneck in the transportation system, improving commuting efficiency. Prior to COVID, the corridor saw 450 trips moving more than 200,000 passengers each day, making it one of the busiest bridges in the country. Additionally, the project will also improve the ease of access for commercial barges and private boats traveling through the waterway.

Vigor was originally awarded the contract for the 400-foot long, 80-foot high span in April 2022 and fabrication was done at the company’s Clackamas and Portland, Oregon locations. The contract was awarded by Canam, which was subcontracted by Skanska Construction. Over 100 skilled workers contributed to the success of this project over approximately 18 months. As is often the case, the family wage jobs which were part of the project support the many other jobs reliant on use of the transportation corridor the Portal Bridge serves.

Portal Bridge was one of six major bridge projects completed by Vigor in the last year, underscoring the major role the company serves in supporting infrastructure across the U.S. With significant experience in infrastructure, nuclear, aerospace, marine fabrication and more, Vigor continues to show its vast capabilities and in the fabrication arena.

About Vigor

Vigor is a values-driven, diversified industrial business operating in six locations with 1,800 people in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Built around a collection of powerful, unique assets and differentiated capabilities, Vigor excels at specialized shipbuilding, ship repair and handling important, complex projects in support of energy generation, our nation’s infrastructure and national defense. With deep respect for people and the planet, Vigor strives to be a positive, regenerative force for good – environmentally, in the lives of its employees and in the community. Vigor…Industrial Evolution. For more information, visit

About Titan

A family of bicoastal leaders in ship repair, ship modernization, marine and complex fabrication services, Titan Acquisition Holdings was formed in 2019. Titan is the parent company of Vigor, operating in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska; MHI Holdings, based in Norfolk, Virginia; and Continental Maritime of San Diego (CMSD) in California. Notable Titan family customers include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, U.S. Navy, Military Sealift Command, Maritime Administration, U.S. Army, local and state ferry systems, and commercial ship owners.