Hydroplane racing legend drops in for a look at Washington's new ferries

February 28, 2014

Chip Hanauer's on a mission to "put the sea back in Seattle" with his new video series, The Boat Guy. Chips's latest episode features a trip to Vigor's Seattle shipyard to learn where Washington State Ferries come from:

Chip, a Seattle native and one of the most successful hydroplane racers in the history of the sport, had this to say about Washington's ferries and working waterfront:

"At The Boat Guy, it’s our resolution to 'put the Sea back in Seattle' this year. We’re here to remind everyone that we live in a unique and beautiful place, surrounded by water. We want people to remember that our working waterfront is what makes our economy strong. Washington agricultural products leave our ports for all over the world. Do you ever think about how almost everything you use during the day probably arrived here on a ship and unloaded in Seattle or Tacoma? Cities all over the world would kill to have a ports like ours!

"I’m grateful for the unique place we live and the ferry system that helps us enjoy it. I’m really proud of the job being done, right here in Seattle, on Harbor Island, where our own skilled craftspeople are building our two newest ferries."