Portland, Oregon

Swan Island facility aerial photo

Our 60-acre Swan Island shipyard is one of largest and most capable shipyards on the West Coast. We offer the full range of all our Vigor services in this single yard.

Facilities Specifications

3 Drydocks

Vigorous Drydock

Length: 960 ft (293m)
Width: 186 ft (57m)
Capacity: 80,000 LT

DryDock #3

Length: 631 ft (192m)
Width: 114 ft (35m)
Capacity: 27,000 LT

DryDock #5

Length: 329 ft (101m)
Width: 140 ft (43m)
Capacity: 10,000 LT

13 Cranes

12 whirley, up to 134t and 1 gantry, 600t

15 Piers

Total length more than 10,000 ft (3,000m)


  • 60-acre facility
  • 800 ft (244m) oversized buildway
  • 150,000 sq ft (14,000m2) of fabrication bays; each bay 300 ft (91m) long
  • 360,000 sq ft (33,400m2) of covered fab and shop area
  • On-site wastewater treatment facility
  • Full-service shipbuilding and repair

Recent Projects