Vigor Fast Interceptor

The Vigor Fast Interceptor (VFI) is a multi-mission craft delivering speed, maneuverability, reliable high performance and superior seakeeping in challenging environments

Based on a proven platform, VFI was developed to meet the needs of governmental agencies around the world.

  • High-speed interdiction of marine vessels for the protection of territorial waters or illegal drug enforcement.
  • Ability to launch and retrieve unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This includes the ability to interface, control and transfer communications.
  • Enable agencies to address swarm threats (from multiple targets) in an efficient manner.
  • Up to a 72 hour mission duration, permitting the opportunity for station keeping and provide a presence in a region.
  • Visit, board, search & seizure (VBSS).
  • Search and rescue (SAR).
  • Dive operations.

Principal Characteristics


69’1" (21.0m) Fast Interceptor


Michael Peters Yacht Design

Length (Overall)

69’1" (21.0m)

Beam (Overall)

15’6” (4.7m)


3’6” (1.1m)


10,000 lb (5T)

Fuel Capacity

1,500 gal (5678L)

Displacement (Lightship)

50,500 lb (25.25T)

Sprint Speed (Approx)

70 knots

Cruise Speed (Approx)

45 knots


(2) CAT C-32, 2400 BHP each

Surface Drives

(2) ZF SeaRex 130S Series

Helm Joystick Control System

Vector Controls

AC Generators

(1) Kohler 35kW

Hull Type

SVVT (Step V Ventilated Tunnel)

  • 5000 Series Marine Grad Aluminum Alloy for Hull Components
  • FRP Composite Deck House and Structure
  • Fully Enclosed Climate Controlled Deck House
  • Shock Mitigating Seats (16x)
  • FLIR 230 Night Vision System
  • Crew Served Weapons Mounts (2x) - 50 cal.
  • Options for Remote Controlled Weapons Systems include Roof Mount (30mm); Bow Mount (50 cal.); Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Launch, Retrieval and Communications Platform

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