Frank Foti

Vigor President and CEO

For more than two decades, Frank Foti has led Vigor’s transformation from a single, struggling shipyard to a thriving, increasingly diversified industrial company with approximately 2,200 employees and seven locations. Under Frank’s leadership the company has diversified from ship repair and modernization, to include shipbuilding and advanced fabrication in hydroelectric power, offshore wind and wave energy, nuclear products, bridge construction, and aerospace.

Frank is committed to improving long-term, family-wage job opportunities – and the benefit those jobs bring to workers’ families and communities. He strives to make Vigor more competitive by strategic expansion and diversification. Frank continually seeks to make the company more socially responsible by investing in training, authentic leadership, diversity, environmental stewardship and developing Vigor into a company driven by four core values: truth, responsibility, evolution and love.

Throughout the company’s rapid growth, Frank has remained focused on what really matters: Vigor’s people. His clear vision and inclusive leadership style ensures that Vigor’s culture of honesty, respect, and entrepreneurism continues to flourish.