Shipbuilding Services - Vigor

From barges to ferries, fishing boats and tugs, we've put our deep fabrication expertise and unparalleled facilities to work building a wide range of vessels for customers across the maritime market. With extensive lifting and launching capacity, we have the ability to build vessels up to 800 feet in length, and with fabrication yards from Oregon to Alaska, we can build projects when and where our customers need us.

Our in-house engineering and project management personnel work closely with customers from the early planning stages of fabrication projects through project completion. This holistic approach helps our shipbuilding experts identify and resolve potential challenges before they become major problems. The result is a smoother, quicker and more efficient build process from start to finish. 

Our portfolio includes a wide range of new builds, but we don’t rest on our track record. We continue to make significant investments in facilities and workforce to expand and improve our shipbuilding capabilities.

Explore some recent new-build projects by clicking on the photos below, or learn more about specific Vigor new-build programs by vessel type:

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