Upgrades & Overhauls

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Our expert teams and our wide range of drydocks, piers, buildways, and indoor facilities allow us to make world-class upgrades to nearly any vessel in a cost-effective manner.

Our  teams lengthen vessels with custom-designed midsection and stern extensions. We fabricate and install bulbous bows and sponsons to increase both a vessel's storage capacity and fuel efficiency. We upgrade and install major components such as propulsion systems, refrigeration technology, environmental controls, and fish processing factory modules.

From Oregon to Alaska, our teams overhaul vessels for customers including commercial fishing fleets, the offshore oil and gas industry, the Navy's MIlitary Sealift Command, the Alaska Marine Highway System, and Washington State Ferries. 

We've widened the F/T Ocean Peace by adding 7' sponsons and 11 modules to transform the 219' vessel from 36' wide to 50'. These upgrades increased the fish hold capacity by 55%. We also improved fuel efficiency and mobility with a new bulbous bow and bow thruster, while keeping the crew complement unchanged.

We've lengthened half of Coastal Transportation's fleet. Adding fuel efficient sterns, bulbous bows and 40'to 46' midsections, our teams are reshaping Coastal vessels for improved hydrodynamics and added capacity. We "stretched" the vessels to increase length by more than a third, adding approximately 150 tons of steel to each vessel. The end result: more freight, less fuel.