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Marine Repair - Navy & Coast Guard - Vigor

Vigor performs various repair and modernizaton services for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard.  We have a long history of serving the Navy through companies like Todd Pacific Shipyards on our Seattle site which built and maintained Navy vessels for years and World World II-era Kaiser Shipyards on our Swan Island site in Portland which assembled T-2 Tankers at the astonishing rate of one vessel every four and a half days.

For decades, our shipyards have been primary repair and upgrade centers for the Coast Guard. The eight 378' Hamilton Class High Endurance Cutters, which were overhauled at Harbor Island in the Fleet Renovation and Modernization (FRAM) program in 1985 to 1992, are still serving the Coast today.

Those traditions of helping to maintain our nation's global and homeland security fleet continue at Vigor Industrial.

Vigor teams sustain the Coast Guard's high-latitude capability through multi-year maintenance contracts for the medium icebreaker USCGC HEALY, enabling a dozen or more years of successful Arctic science and logistics operations. We're executing critical maintenance and modernization work on USCGC POLAR STAR to allow America to return heavy icebreaker capacity to the polar regions in early 2013, even as changing climate conditions intensify national security and economic concerns. And we're ready to quickly and efficiently restore America's second heavy icebreaker, USCGC POLAR SEA, to provide continuous and reliable heavy icebreaker capacity for the next decade while new icebreakers are designed and built.

We also meet routine and emergent maintenance requirements for the remainder of the U.S. Coast Guard fleet, including National Security Cutters, the legacy high and medium endurance cutters, and the buoy tender fleet. Vigor Shipyards teams maintain up to three of the U.S. Navy's 11 active aircraft carriers at any given time, plus destroyers and other vessels. We work in Seattle, Everett, Bremerton and Portland, with specialists in our Vigor Shipyards subsidiary executing both single-project and multi-ship/multi-option (MSMO) contracts. Vigor Shipyards is one of only three firms in the country that hold such contracts to maintain these major national assets.

We also provide critical maintenance for other national security vessels, such as the U.S. Missile Defense Agency's sea-based X-band (SBX) radar platform.

We know lives depend on the work we do for the Navy, the Coast Guard and all our other customers. We're proud to serve our part.