Drydocking Service - Vigor

With multiple drydocks around the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, Vigor can handle projects of nearly any size at any time. Our drydocks range in capacity from 2,500 long tons to 80,000 long tons.

We have the ability to drydock vessels up to post-Panamax size at our Portland yard or transoceanic in our Seattle yard. We also drydock workboats, fishing trawlers, cargo ships, tugs, and barges in those facilities and in our Ketchikan yard.

Drydocks by Facility

Portland, OR:
960' x 186' and 80,000 LT
661’ x 114’ and 27,000 LT
329’ x 140’ and 40,000 LT

Seattle, WA:
640’ x 115’ and 20,000 LT
528’ x 88’ and 13,000 LT
552’ x 93’ and 18,000 LT

Ketchikan, AK:
460’ x 110’ and 10,000 LT
225’ x 85’ and 3,600 LT

Our full-service drydock services include blasting and coating, carpentry and electrical teams, and facilities on-site. We work to ABS, DNV, Lloyds, USCG, and other classifications required by our customers. Our dedication to quality is built on a century of service to the maritime industry.