Large-Scale Fabrications

Large Scale Fabrication - Vigor

We have several natural advantages when it comes to large-scale metal fabrication.

Water. Location. Extensive facilities. Heavy-lift capacity. And expert, skilled craftspeople.

With sixty acres of manufacturing space on Vigor's Swan Island yard, 27 acres on Harbor Island and 16.5 acres in Ketchikan, Vigor can fabricate just about any steel structure regardless of shape, size or complexity. Our optimal locations and intermodal capabilities make it possible to receive materials and deliver finished goods easily and efficiently by sea, truck or rail. Our 800' long outdoor buildway in Portland means we're not limited by project size or shape. And our acres of covered fabrication areas, equipped with overhead cranes and the right technology, ensures our customers that we are not deterred by weather or capacity.

We fabricated bridge bracing cubes for the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge across the Willamette River. Each cube measured 30'x30'x16', weighed 25 metric tons and could not readily be transported by land. Vigor was able to easily load out all eight cubes by barge.

In large pipe fabrication, we created a reducer for an 84" pipe into twin 60" pipes. We shipped it straight from our piers to our customer's yard.

We recently completed a complex steel replacement boom for the MV Nelvana for an onsite replacement of the existing damaged boom.

We have the flexibility and capacity to fabricate metals of all shapes and sizes to help our customers succeed.