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Precision blasting, coating, and applying marine decking are true specialties. And that's exactly what Vigor provides through our Specialty Finishes subsidiary's Specialty Marine Decking unit, and with our other highly qualified personnel in Vigor Shipyards and Vigor Marine.

For more than 25 years, Specialty Finishes has offered fine detail work, large scale industrial blasting, and detailed understanding of commercial and military specifications.

Specialty Finishes, Vigor Marine, Vigor Shipyards and our Cascade General subsidiary are each SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) QP-1 certified for field applications to complex industrial and marine structures such as ships, bridges, off-shore drilling platforms, storage tanks, waste water treatment facilities, and more including food and beverage facilities. The certification governs not only management and quality control procedures, but also safety, health and environmental compliance.

Specialty Finishes is the only Oregon company which is also QP-3 certified for permanent shop coating operations. Our home facility on Portland's Swan Island is one of the largest coating shops on the West Coast and is a leader in Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) application.

We offer a wide range of specialized blasting and coating equipment, including a Pangborn 14-wheel vertical grit blast machine that's capable of handling material 12 ' high x 4' wide and more than 60' long. Designed to handle a profile between 2.0 – 3.0 mils, our unit, under the control of out expert craftspeople, will meet nearly all paint manufacturer's specifications for adhesion.

To complement these machines, Specialty Finishes added an additional 6,000 sq. ft. building, a 20 ton bridge crane to handle material, and an automated paint system to increase productivity. We also maintain standard blast booths and paint rooms along with our 636 Wheelabrator for smaller structural material. In Seattle, Vigor Marine and Vigor Shipyards provide a dedicated 16,200 sq. ft. full service blast and paint shop.

Our Portland center features four paint booths including one of the largest in the industry, at 50' wide x 160' long x 30' high. These oversized dimensions allow us to handle large-scale projects from bridge components to missile silos to large marine parts.

Specialty Finishes' 660,000 cubic foot spray booth with 156,000 CFM heated air make-up maintains booth temperatures up to 85 degrees for large industrial products. We offer two conveyor paint lines in Portland: a 700 ft. line with one powder and two liquid booths, and a 200 ft. conveyor with a combined liquid and powder booth. Both lines have curing ovens and flash off tunnels. We provide airless, electrostatic, powder, plural component, and conventional HVLP spray systems.

Specialty Marine Decking brings, aptly, specialized skills for even more specialized customers. This Vigor Industrial unit expertly prepares surfaces through shot blasting, power cleaning and deck leveling, and installs a full range of floor coatings and coverings on everything from ferries to fishing trawlers to aircraft carriers and piers.

Specialty Marine Decking experts are available in Tacoma, Everett, Port Angeles, Seattle and Portland, to assist Vigor Shipyards Navy teams in Bremerton and Everett, and in other shipyards along the Pacific and nationwide.