Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy - Vigor Industrial

Because we believe some sources of energy will be different in the future, our support for both legacy and alternative energy development is strong today.

We can provide precision machining and equipment manufacturing services to support renewable energy industries in biomass, ocean wave power, biomethane conversion, and more.

Together with our partners, we're fabricating and test-launching buoys designed to create electricity from ocean waves. One hundred percent renewable, zero environmental impact. The 153' long, 40' diameter PB 150 Power Buoy will collect data for 18 months to determine the feasibility of additional deployments.

In partnership with Applied Filter Technology, we craft precision metal platforms to turn methane gas from landfills into electricity in South America, the United States and around the globe. Turning a nearly endless source—garbage—into a dearly needed resource—power.

We understand that harnessing renewable energy resources requires ingenuity, risk-taking, and hard work. We help our customers make these projects a success through a range of assets and services designed to advance from concept to production to maintaining peak operating performance. Our alternative energy services include:

  • Project management, environmental and safety infrastructure to support your project
  • Value engineering and design assistance
  • Fabrication of large steel and aluminum equipment
  • Media blasting and application of performance coating systems and powder coating
  • PLC control work
  • 127 MW capacity tie-in to utility grid connection for testing
  • 500,000 square feet of shops with crane service to build and store your equipment
  • A 60-acre waterfront facility with rail access and crane served wharfs
  • Dry-docks for loading out large complicated fabrications
  • Our facilities are ISO 9001:2000 compliant. Our lean manufacturing principles mean quality comes built into all of our alternative energy projects.

Our innovative design approach also allows us to produce at higher volumes over a longer period without the need for expensive temporary expansion. And the intermodal connections at our yards and facilities allow us to utilize the most efficient means for taking in raw materials and shipping out our finished products.

At Vigor, we build success—however it's powered.