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  • San Francisco Fire Department Fireboat

    San Francisco Fire Department Fireboat

    Vigor is building a new fireboat for the San Francisco Fire Department. Designed by Jensen Maritime Consultants, the fireboat will have a top speed of 11.5 knots in full load condition and accommodate up to three crew members and four firefighters aboard the vessel.

  • Harley Marine ATB Tank Barges

    Harley Marine ATB Tank Barges

    Vigor is currently constructing two 83,000 bbl. tank barges for Harley Marine Services, Inc.  The 422’x 76’ x 27’ tank barges, designed by Elliott Bay Design Group to be part of articulated tug and barge configurations, will be among the largest vessels constructed for Harley Marine’s fleet.

  • Tidewater Tugs

    Tidewater Tugs

    Vigor is building three 102-foot tugboats for Tidewater Barge Lines. These state-of-the-art tugs are specially designed to service the Columbia River market and feature ergonomic accommodations and comforts proven to minimize fatigue and reduce injuries amongst crew.

  • Maxum Petroleum Tank Barge

    Maxum Petroleum Tank Barge

    Vigor delivered a 216’ x 52’ x 16’ double-hulled, ABS Classed tank barge for Maxum Petroleum. The tank barge was designed by Elliot Bay Design group and has a 15,000 BBL Grade A and 333 BBL Lube Oil capacity.  The barge was built in Vigor’s Seattle shipyard.

  • King County Maintenance and Moorage Barge

    King County Maintenance and Moorage Barge

    Vigor built a 140' x 40' x 7'6" maintenance and moorage barge for Washington State's King County Marine Division to serve the day-to-day needs of the county's passenger-only ferry fleet. 

  • Iliuliuk Bay Deck Barge

    Iliuliuk Bay Deck Barge

    Vigor built a 250' x 70' x 15'8" deck barge for Harley Marine at our Portland shipyard. The purpose-built barge was designed by Jensen Maritime Consultants and is designed to house a 230 ton lift capacity Manitowoc 4100 crawler crane.

  • Split-Hull Hopper Barge

    Split-Hull Hopper Barge

    Vigor built a 242' x 54', 4,050 cubic yard split-hull hopper barge for American Construction our shipyard in Portland, OR. The barge was designed by The Glosten Associates of Seattle, WA, and features an advanced sealing mechanism to safeguard environmentally sensitive areas from potential leakage.

  • Covered Paper Barge

    Covered Paper Barge

    Vigor built this covered barge in Portland to provide exceptionally cost-effective shipping of Georgia Pacific paper products on the Columbia River. 

  • Betsy Arntz

    Betsy Arntz

    Shortly after we finished fabricating the 83,800 BBL fuel barge Sixty Five Roses for Harley Marine, the barge owner returned to our Portland yard to have Vigor construct another vessel. The double-hulled, state-of-the-art Betsy Arntz is designed to transport 31,500 BBL of fuel.

  • 144-car Ferries

    144-car Ferries

    Vigor has assembled a team of leading Puget Sound shipyards to build new, large ferries for Washington State Ferries (WSF), the largest ferry system in the United States.  The Tokitae, the first of three144-car ferries, was delivered in June 2014.  The Samish was delivered in April 2015.  Vigor teams began working on the third ferry, the Chimacum, at the end of 2014 and delivery is scheduled for early 2017.

  • 64-car Ferries

    64-car Ferries

    M/V Chetzemoka, Salish, and Kennewick are the 6th, 7th, and 8th vessels built and assembled for Washington State Ferries at our Harbor Island yard. The three 64-car ferries designed by Elliott Bay Design Group were needed quickly to replace aging units pulled from service on essential routes.