Vigor Projects from Tacoma, WA

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  • F/V Pacific Ram

    F/V Pacific Ram

    Trident Seafoods came to the experts at Vigor in Tacoma to help expand the fish hold capacity of this 82' x 27' catcher boat. When all was said and done, this vessel was widened by five feet on either side and has an additional 35 percent of fish hold capacity while remaing under 200 GRT. Length, depth, and crew complement for this vessel remained unchanged.

  • Coastal Fleet

    Coastal Fleet

    Coastal Transportation turned to Vigor to improve the capacity, hydrodynamics, and fuel efficiency of its fleet. This project for Coastal Progress was completed in two separate phases over several years, adding significant amenities, improved vessel performance and a 35% increase in cargo capacity. Vigor has performed similar work for another Coastal vessel.