Workboat Projects

The new-build experts at Vigor have what it takes to build fishing vessels, tugs, or any other type of workboat. Click on the photos below to learn more about some of the workboats we've recently built.

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  • King County Research Catamaran

    King County Research Catamaran

    The 48’ all-aluminum foil assisted research catamaran for the King County Environmental Laboratory operates in Puget Sound, the Straits of Juan de Fuca and adjoining inland waterways. The vessel conducts water sampling research along with marine buoy calibration, maintenance and retrieval, tours and shoreline surveys, dive and ROV operations. 

  • 30’ Rapid Response Skimmer - Wide

    30’ Rapid Response Skimmer - Wide

    The rapid-response, shallow-water capable skimmer is ideally suited for use on oil spills in waterways, bays and harbors. Adaptable to a variety of marine spill scenarios, this highly specialized vessel works well in many recovery configurations, from free skimming through towed-boom applications, and is able to recover a very wide range of spills from light sheens to very viscous weathered oil products. To date 104,  have been ordered by the US Navy and oil spill co-ops. 

  • Debris Recovery Vessel

    Debris Recovery Vessel

    The M/V John A.B. Dillard, Jr. is a Debris Removal Vessel for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) San Francisco Bay District. The District has a unique mix of duties, including keeping the navigation and shipping lanes of the greater San Francisco Bay region free of floating debris hazardous to marine vessels. This vessel allows shorter response times, increased capacity and greater range. Key to this enhanced capability is the large aft deck, pedestal mounted grapple crane and robust 15 ton deck load capacity. Operators are able to recover large heavy objects in a single “grab” rather than the hazardous and time consuming process of towing objects to base. 

  • King County Research Catamaran

    Pilot Boats

    Proven performance, cost effective design and exceptional quality. Those are the hallmarks of the pilot boat boats built by Kvichak Marine for more than thirty years. Today that proud traditions continues under the Vigor name and pilots around the world continue to depend on our boats to ensure the safety of various ports, waterways and the communities that surround them.

  • San Francisco Fire Department Fireboat

    San Francisco Fire Department Fireboat

    Vigor was awarded the contract to build the San Francisco Fire Department's first new fireboat in 60 years. Christened St. Francis in 2016, the boat has an 18,000 gallon-per-minute pumping capacity and can pump water into the city's water system for various location in case of an emergency like a major earthquake. 

  • Tidewater Tugs

    Tidewater Tugs

    Vigor is building three 102-foot tugboats for Tidewater Barge Lines. These state-of-the-art tugs are specially designed to service the Columbia River market and feature ergonomic accommodations and comforts proven to minimize fatigue and reduce injuries amongst crew.

  • F/V Arctic Prowler

    F/V Arctic Prowler

    Vigor built a new 136’ x 41’ x 26’ freezer longliner for Alaska Longline Company in its state-of-the-art shipbuilding facilities in Ketchikan, Alaska. The F/V Arctic Prowler is the first factory longliner to be made in Alaska.  

  • M/V Susitna

    M/V Susitna

    E-Craft: Cutting-edge vessel design to navigate northern waters. The Susitna is a SWATH icebreaker, the first of its kind. She is a variable-draft vessel equipped with a complex, state-of-the-art hydraulic system that allows her to operate as either a SWATH or a shallow-draft landing craft. In deep-draft, SWATH mode, the Susitna can cruise at 17 knots in open water or at five knots in up to two feet of ice.