Coastal Fleet

Coastal Progress
  • Customer: Coastal Transportation
  • Industry: Transportation and Logistics
  • Type: Repair & Refit
  • Year: 2011

Coastal Transportation turned to Vigor to improve the capacity, hydrodynamics, and fuel efficiency of its fleet. This project for Coastal Progress was completed in two separate phases over several years, adding significant amenities, improved vessel performance and a 35% increase in cargo capacity. Vigor has performed similar work for another Coastal vessel.

Over a half decade period, our Tacoma yard has modernized half of the six ship fleet owned by Coastal Transportation. Highlighted here is the work done on the second of the three vessels, the Coastal Progress.

Vigor Marine in Tacoma added a 22 ft. stern extension and bulbous bow to Coastal Progress in our first phase of work, at what was then known as Marine Industries Northwest Inc.  Our work increased capacity and improved both bow and stern hydrodynamics.

When the vessel returned in 2011, the teams, now part of the shipbuilding experts of Vigor Marine, cut and extended the midbody and B-Deck. We added 164 tons of steel to lengthen her by 46 ft. We converted three wing tanks into a passageway from the forward house to the engine room aft for her crew, and added a new 40 ft. midset gantry.

Coastal Progress completed sea trials in January 2012, with overall cargo capacity increased by 35 percent. She now measures 260’ long, 40’ wide and 26’ 9” deep.

Also for Coastal Transportation, we upgraded Coastal Navigator and Coastal Nomad.

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Coastal Progress