New fish meal plant being installed on the Alaska Ocean
  • Customer: Glacier Fish Company
  • Industry: Fishing
  • Type: Repair & Refit
  • Year: 2013

Vigor teams in Seattle completed a major refitting of the Alaska Ocean, a 376-foot factory trawler owned by Glacier Fish Company LLC of Seattle, Washington.  The ship trawls for Alaska Pollock and cod in the Bering Sea, where it is filleted and flash-frozen onboard.

First, the teams removed the old fish meal plant and installed a bigger and more modern plant. This involved cutting a hole in the side of the trawler to get the old machinery out and the new machinery in. The meal plant hold space was increased to accommodate the new plant machinery.

Next, the teams installed a Promas package on the trawler, which is an integrated propeller and rudder system that increases efficiency and is designed specifically for retrofitting to existing ships. They also installed a new Kort nozzle, which increases efficiency at lower speeds and provides better course stability. Additional repairs made on the vessel included a rudder, rudder stock and tail shaft repair and reinstallation as well as hub repairs.

Finally, the teams painted the trawler from top to bottom before delivering it back to Glacier Fish for its continued service in the Bering Sea.

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New fish meal plant being installed on the Alaska Ocean
New Promas package on the Alaska Ocean
Alaska Ocean on drydock