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We build, repair, and modernize a wide array of maritime and industrial projects. See the categories below to learn more about our most recent projects.

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Shipbuilding Projects by Vigor Industrial


With skilled teams and modern facilities, Vigor can build everything from 19' workboats to nearly 500’ barges and anything in between.

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Repair and Refit Projects by Vigor Industrial

Repair & Refit

Vigor combines leading facilities and experienced workers to provide a full range of ship repair and refit services across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

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Industrial Service Projects by Vigor Industrial

Industrial Services

Vigor offers machining, fabrication and specialized coating services for a variety of industrial applications.

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  • Maneuver Support Vessel (Light)

    Maneuver Support Vessel (Light)

    The U.S. Army awarded Vigor the contract to build its new generation landing craft in the fall of 2017. The design for the MSV(L) was developed in partnership with BMT following a detailed study of the Army's unique needs and the available design options fulfill those needs. It dramatically improves the current LCM-8 and provides the optimal combination of performance, operational flexibility and life-cycle cost while maintaining the reliability and versatility of the Army’s current craft. The contract calls for one prototype vessel, four vessels under low rate production, and up to thirty two additional vessels over ten years for use by Army Mariners in even the most difficult environments.