Seward, Alaska

Vigor Seward, AK Facilities

Our 11-acre Seward shipyard joins Ketchikan as the second Vigor yard in Alaska and is strategically located to provide services to Alaska customers in the fishing, marine transportation, and oil and gas industries.

Facilities Specifications

2 Drydocks


Length: 350 ft (107m)
Width: 80 ft (24m)
Capacity: 5,000 LT
Transfer: 3 side rail berths from 180 ft (55m) to 350 ft (107m)


Length: 130 ft (40m)
Width: 29 ft (9m)
Capacity: 330 LT

2 Cranes

With up to 80t capacity

1 Pier

Total length 300 ft (91m)

2 Side Rail Berths

North Rail

181 ft (55m)

South Rail

500 ft (152m)


  • 11-acre facility
  • 35,000 sq ft (3,250 m2) of covered work area
  • Marine rails and transfer carriages for 4 large vessels
  • Full-service shipyard