Seattle, Washington

Harbor Island aerial photo

Our 27-acre Seattle facility is ideal for new construction and repair for mid-sized to large vessels. Located at the hub of the maritime industry in the Pacific Northwest, we routinely service fishing vessels, ferries, barges, military ships, and offshore oil and gas vessels.

Facilities Specifications

3 Drydocks


Length: 640 ft (195m)
Width: 115.5 ft (35.3m)
Capacity: 22,000 LT


Length: 528 ft (161m)
Width: 88 ft (27m)
Capacity: 13,000 LT

DryDock #10

Length: 552 ft (168m)
Width: 93 ft (28m)
Capacity: 18,000 LT

12 Cranes

Whirley, with up to 150t capacity

6 Piers

Total length more than 3,000 ft (900m)


  • 27-acre facility
  • 170,000 sq ft (15,800m2) of covered fab and shop area
  • Full-service shipbuilding and repair

Recent Projects