Jobs Matter

Jobs at Vigor

Industrial jobs are the lifeblood of our communities. At Vigor, we're doing everything we can to build and sustain good jobs at family wages. On our drydocks, piers and fabrication bays. In administrative and support offices. In our region's Navy yards. And beyond.

We believe that industrial jobs matter. We see creating and keeping jobs as the number one way to grow the economy of our towns and cities, of our states and our nation.

Vigor directly employs over two thousand people from Portland to Port Angeles. In Seattle and Tacoma. In Everett and Bremerton. Along the Inland Passage in Ketchikan, Alaska. And from the counties and towns that make up the Pacific Northwest.

Each of our jobs supports another three or four additional positions in the community for vendors, suppliers, retailers, restaurants, public service providers, and the like.

From 2004 to 2009, direct shipbuilding and ship repair jobs across America grew by 12 percent. Shipyards have not been immune to the recent recession. But with smart planning and acquisitions, smart management and innovative agreements with labor, Vigor Industrial companies are forging ahead.

Our privately owned company is growing. From our 2011 acquisition of Todd Pacific Shipyards, to a newly received $75 million in investment capital just for future expansion, we're looking to sustain and add jobs wherever we work.

Great industrial workers - great people - are everywhere in the Vigor community. Our individual stories are unique, but strengthened by a shared set of values. Each of our companies and communities, each with a proud past, all with a bright future, pulling ahead together. Earning our salaries one day at a time. Strengthening ourselves and our communities. And our customers.

Industrial jobs matter.