About Vigor

Our companies share a common goal: providing world-class maritime and industrial services to build jobs, support our customers and strengthen the communities where we live and work. Find out more about each of our companies.

  • Vigor Fab

    Vigor Fab is a leader in shipbuilding and industrial fabrication. We build ships and create components for industries such as fishing, transportation, oil and gas, and renewable energy. Learn More »

  • Vigor Marine

    Vigor Marine is the leading ship repair and refit specialist in the Pacific Northwest. We fix, overhaul, and refit single vessels and entire fleets. Learn More »

  • Vigor Works

    Vigor Works is a leader in heavy, high complexity fabrication. From structural bridge girders to nuclear containment devices, from dam lift gates to space launch complex towers, we love to build. Learn More »

  • Vigor Kvichak

    Vigor Kvichak is a recognized leader in the design and construction of high quality, hardworking aluminum workboats. Learn More »

  • Vigor Alaska

    Vigor Alaska builds new ships and repairs existing vessels. Vigor Alaska's expert craftspeople and state-of-the-art facilities deliver Alaska-tough results for every customer. Learn More »

  • Specialty Finishes

    Vigor Industrial Services provides coatings and machining support for Vigor business units and outside customers. Learn More »

  • Shipyard Commerce Center

    On 60 acres along the Willamette River in Portland, Ore., the Shipyard Commerce Center provides flexible access to a wide variety of industrial capabilities and services. Learn More »

  • Vigor Shipyards

    Vigor Shipyards is the government ship repair arm of Vigor Industrial. Our ship repair and maintenance experts keep U.S. Coast Guard and Navy ships ready and in fighting shape. Learn More »